Jenn R.

How long have you been practicing Bikram Yoga?

On and off for 6 years. More regularly fall through spring.

How often do you practice Bikram Yoga?

2-3 times/week.

Why did you begin Bikram Yoga and what benefits have you seen?

A friend originally asked me to join her for class. The meditative and physical benefits help my overall well being.

What life changes have you experience since you started practicing? Bikram helps me manage stress and anxiety. It also helps with sleeping at night. Along with physical benefits of building strength, balance and flexibility.

Favorite Posture?

Standing Bow Pulling Pose. I enjoy trying to improve this posture every class.

Least Favorite Posture?

Eagle Pose. I’m not able to get my foot behind my calf.

Bikram in One Word:


How did you discover Bikram?

My friend asked me to join her for class 6 years ago.