spring rejuvenation challenge

What is it?

This is a group challenge to promote a regular Bikram yoga practice. Everyone is invited! Practice 4 times/week over a 4 week period from March 15th- April 11th. In addition to your yoga practice, commit to one healthy habit you want to do more of outside the yoga room. It could be cooking healthy food at home, eliminating alcohol, sleeping more, using your phone less. You decide.

Why should I do it?

You are likely to feel amazing! A consistent yoga practice improves strength, flexibility and balance, builds concentration, promotes weight loss, stress relief, mental clarity and overall sense of well being. Also, working towards your goals with a group creates accountability and motivation to keep going!

How much does it cost?

We are offering a special $120 Yoga Challenge Unlimited Class Card. (Valid March 15th-April 11th)

How do I sign up?

Fill out your challenge calendar at the front desk and put it up on the wall and you’re in! Or email Heather@bybma.com for more info.