From the start Allysa always enjoyed the wonderful benefits that Bikram Yoga yielded and started a sporadic practice around ten years ago. It wasn’t until a knee injury later down the road and a recommendation from her physical therapist that she knew she needed this yoga. She began practicing at Bikram Yoga Burlington in 2013 where she became a consistent practitioner. Having a place to find stillness, peace of mind, get a good stretch and sweaty detox, created such strong feelings of gratitude and it didn’t take long to completely fall in love with yoga. Having personally benefited physically and mentally on so many levels from this yoga- when told she should attend teacher training, she didn’t think twice. Fast forward a few months and Allysa completed Bikram Yoga teacher training in beautiful Thailand Fall 2015. Allysa loves teaching this yoga and has found a true passion for it, while her favorite thing about being on the podium is being able to share and receive so much positive energy and inspiration in just 90 minutes. Her goal every time she walks in the hot room to teach a class is to create a warm and open environment for anybody with intentions from across the board to have a safe and positive place to just leave it all on the mat.
Since becoming a teacher, Allysa became a mother to a beautiful little girl, Daisy. Allysa practiced the Bikram Yoga Pregnancy series up until the day she gave birth.